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The warring impulses within the Texas legislature over education policy could be on vivid display on the Texas Senate floor on Tuesday, as three bad bills and one good one all are eligible for a vote. The three bad ones (SB 1241, SB 894, and SB 669) would carve new channels for the private takeover of public education. The good one (SB 1483) would strengthen our public schools by promoting … (read more…)

A crisis of health-care affordability is confronting school employees, whether they get their health coverage through a local district plan or one of the plans within the state-administered TRS-ActiveCare program. Rising costs have not been matched by rising state contributions; ever-increasing premiums for employees have been the norm, even as benefits have been reduced.
While … (read more…)

payraiseconferenceWith strong backing from Texas AFT and local affiliates in San Antonio and Austin, Sen. Jose … (read more…)

SB 149, the bill by Sen. Kel Seliger (R-Amarillo) to authorize a bypass around required state end-of-course exams for graduation from high school, won final passage in the legislature Wednesday and is on its way to the governor’s desk. The bill allows a student to graduate without passing up to two end-of-course exams, if the student passes the courses and demonstrates proficiency by other means … (read more…)

HB 4, the bill embodying the governor’s plan to add up to $130 million for pre-K programs that meet new quality standards, won quick passage in the Senate Education Committee Thursday, but some new issues surfaced in a hearing on the bill. HB 4 has been touted as an addition to formula funding that school districts could count on. But testimony from the Texas Education Agency established … (read more…)

Whether school employees get their health coverage through a local district plan or one of the plans within the state-administered TRS-ActiveCare program, they have been faced with a crisis of health-care affordability. Rising costs have not been matched by rising state contributions, and ever-increasing premiums for employees have not been enough to keep plan benefits from being cut.

At a … (read more…)

The benefits of two tax cuts that passed easily in the Texas House Tuesday will add scarcely a pittance to the pocketbooks of average Texans. But they will cost the state $5 billion per biennium that could have been used to fund long-neglected education and health needs. HB 31 cuts the state sales tax by three-tenths of a cent—enough to save just 30 cents on a $100 purchase. HB 32 cuts the … (read more…)

Texas AFT took a stand in the House Public Education Committee Tuesday against three bad bills that nonetheless received favorable committee action by the end of the evening.
Texas AFT legislative spokesman Ted Melina Raab testified against SB 6, a bill to impose A-F letter grades in place of current school ratings. He said:

Both the Texas House and Texas Senate have passed their competing versions of the state budget for 2016-2017, and House-Senate negotiations are set to start Tuesday. Both versions of the two-year spending bill cover the cost of school enrollment growth, and the House-passed draft of HB 1 would lift state school funding by up to $3 billion beyond that. The Senate version would add a lot … (read more…)

The Texas Senate Education Committee this week approved another version of private-school voucher legislation, SB 894, for consideration by the full Senate. This version, by Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood), would funnel tax dollars to the private purveyors of online instruction. In anticipation of an attempt sometime soon to push this bill through the Senate, the Coalition for Public … (read more…)

Today we depart momentarily from our regular reporting on legislative doings in Austin and Washington, D.C., for an important announcement from the American Federation of Teachers:
Education is both a profession and a calling. But just because the work is rewarding doesn’t mean it isn’t challenging too.
We know very little about the impact … (read more…)

The Texas Senate passed a “tax credit” voucher bill, SB 4, to channel $100 million away from the state treasury for the benefit of unaccountable private schools. Businesses could divert the money to private schools instead of paying their taxes to the state, leaving already-underfunded public school districts with reduced funding in the process.
Yesterday the … (read more…)

House Public Education Committee chair Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock (R-Killeen) on Tuesday evening unveiled a rewrite of state accountability sanctions. His bill will immediately become the focal point of debate over how to improve struggling schools. Texas AFT has just received a copy of the committee substitute for HB 1842 containing Aycock’s draft plan. We will analyze and report on his plan in the … (read more…)

Texas AFT President Louis Malfaro hailed a vote in the Texas House Tuesday on a bill to curb the state’s over-reliance on standardized state tests as the measure of educational performance. In a press statement Malfaro said:

Texas AFT applauds passage today by the Texas House of SB 149, a bill to reduce the excessive and counterproductive emphasis on standardized … (read more…)


A sharply divided Texas Senate gave preliminary but not final approval this afternoon to a voucher bill, SB 4, aiming to divert $100 million from already-underfunded public schools to subsidize private schools that do not have to meet state accountability standards. The vote to allow debate on the bill was 18 to 12, just one short of the 13 dissenting votes that would have blocked consideration of … (read more…)

It’s rally time at the Capitol this Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon! Public education in Texas continues to struggle with the challenges of underfunding and over-testing. Texas children deserve better. Join thousands of fellow Texans standing up at the Capitol to say THE TIME TO ACT IS NOW!

Texas children cannot be left standing outside a courtroom waiting for their future. We need fair funding, … (read more…)

The U.S. Senate’s committee on education has done a good deed this week by passing the Every Child Achieves Act, a vast improvement over current law. This legislation will end the No Child Left Behind Act, Race to the Top, and federal waivers of NCLB with onerous strings attached.  It will dismantle the policies that have left a destructive, divisive climate affecting our schools, students, … (read more…)

SB 4, a bill by Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) that would establish private-school vouchers for the first time in Texas, has been slated for action on the Texas Senate floor but has not yet come up for a vote. Thanks are due to the thousands of you who already have sent a letter to your senator opposing the bill. The rest of you still have a chance to help prevent this drain on scarce taxpayer … (read more…)

The Texas Senate on Wednesday approved  SB 14, another bill by Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood), which would speed up the timeline for a parent petition triggering alternative management of a campus. In California the prototype for this bill has been the vehicle for well-funded efforts by outside interests to get parent signatures on petitions for charter takeover of neighborhood public schools. … (read more…)

There is still time for you to put in a word with your state senator against private-school vouchers draining taxpayer funds from underfunded public schools. SB 4 by Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood), a so-called “tax credit” voucher, could be up for a vote on the Senate floor Wednesday afternoon. Send … (read more…)

SB 69 by Sen. Rodney Ellis (D-Houston) is a health and safety measure that would require school districts to notify parents when their child’s school lacks the full-time presence of a school nurse. The bill, a longtime priority of the Texas AFT School Nurse Task Force, was passed with just one nay vote in the Senate Education Committee Tuesday. SB 69 goes next before the full Senate. An … (read more…)

Two bills by Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin), HB 1891 and HB 1892, got a favorable hearing in the House Public Education Committee Tuesday. Community schools offer a positive model of school turnaround and improvement, based on parent-teacher-community teamwork to marshal resources needed to address factors both outside and inside the schoolhouse affecting student achievement. Texas AFT strongly … (read more…)

SB 107 by Sen. John Whitmire (D-Houston)  started out as a problematic measure to change “shall” to “may” in Safe Schools Act provisions defining the consequences for serious offenses committed by students at school. But Sen. Whitmire’s committee substitute for SB 107, passed unanimously in committee today, earned Texas AFT’s support by omitting those problematic provisions and by … (read more…)

The House Public Education Committee held a marathon hearing Tuesday dealing with many of the major education issues of the 2015 session. HB 1759 by Rep. Jimmie Don Aycock (R-Killeen) would change the distribution mechanisms for state aid to school districts, using $3 billion in proposed additional funding to ensure that more dollars per pupil would flow to the vast majority of school districts. … (read more…)

The Senate passed a two-year budget plan Tuesday that slightly increases school funding but still leaves Texas public schools well below pre-recession funding levels per pupil. This Senate version of HB 1 thus continues the long-term underfunding of public education while leaving many billions of available dollars unspent and reserving nearly five billion dollars for tax cuts. Sen. Sylvia Garcia, … (read more…)

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