Texas Senate Sets 16 Bills for Monday Votes, Including Vouchers and Ban on Payroll Deduction

After a long weekend of rapid-fire hearings on a mostly awful array of bills, the Senate floor-vote calendar for Monday, July 24, lists 16 items of legislation, including private-school vouchers and a ban on payroll deduction for teachers and other public employees. The next Hotline will catch you up on the weekend hearings, especially the […]

Special Session Opens, and Backers of Public Education Take a Stand—Add Your Voice  

The Texas Legislature today began a special 30-day session called by Gov. Greg Abbott to consider first a must-pass “sunset” bill to continue the existence of several professional licensing boards—and then to take up 20 more items on the governor’s wish list, including many affecting public schools. The governor wants, among other things, to pass […]

Temperature Rising as Educators, Parents Rally for Public Schools on Eve of Special Session

Lt. Gov Dan Patrick and his enabler, Gov. Greg Abbott, are cranking up the rhetorical heat on state legislators to pass a passel of bad ol’ bills in the special session commencing tomorrow, July 18. They are using every chance they get to try to browbeat lawmakers into submission. These two misguided public officials want […]

Reflections on the rally for public education:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: July 17, 2017 CONTACT:  Rob D’Amico, 512-627-1343 Texans are fed up with the destructive course plotted by Abbott and Patrick   Texas AFT President Louis Malfaro commented today on the rally for public education at the state Capitol: Today’s rally for public education is yet another clear sign that Texans are fed […]

Make Your Voice Heard: Education Rally at the State Capitol on Monday, July 17, at 1:30 PM

On the eve of the July 18 special session of the Legislature called by Gov. Greg Abbott, you have a chance to join educators and friends of public schools from across Texas on the south steps of the state Capitol and let lawmakers know what really ought to be on their agenda.  The rally is sponsored […]

Governor Formally Calls Special Session, Says Vouchers, Pay, School Funding Are Among Potential Topics

Gov. Greg Abbott issued a formal proclamation today calling the Texas Legislature back into session for up to 30 days starting July 18. The formal proclamation addressed the only must-pass bill on the governor’s wish list for the special session—a “sunset” bill to extend the expiration date for the Texas Medical Board and several other […]

Summer Reading to Get You Ready for a Hot Special Session of the Legislature

An opinion piece published last month in the Big Bend Sentinel explains why friends of public education will be coming to Austin to put some heat on state lawmakers when the Legislature convenes July 18 for a special session called by Gov. Greg Abbott. The op-ed by one Lonn Taylor belongs in the “minces no […]

Why Is Messing with Your Freedom to Use Payroll Deduction on the Governor’s Agenda?

Gov. Greg Abbott has yet to follow up on his informal announcement of a special session of the state Legislature starting July 18 with the issuance of a formal proclamation that would allow bill filing to begin. Nonetheless, Abbott has put out a series of press releases applauding Senate and House members for  announcing their […]

Vetoes and Signings by Gov. Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott on June 15 vetoed a good bill providing for notice to parents when their child’s school lacks full-time staffing by a school nurse or nurses. SB 196 by Sen. Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston) was a simple measure designed to protect children’s health by enabling parents to anticipate and make arrangements to address gaps […]

Governor Calls Special Session Starting July 18 With Up to 20 Wish-List Items

  Gov. Greg Abbott announced Tuesday afternoon that he is calling the Texas Legislature back into session on July 18, first and foremost to enact what he termed a must-pass “sunset” bill continuing the existence of the state medical board, but after that to consider 19 other disparate items on his legislative wish list. A […]