Vetoes and Signings by Gov. Abbott

Gov. Greg Abbott on June 15 vetoed a good bill providing for notice to parents when their child’s school lacks full-time staffing by a school nurse or nurses. SB 196 by Sen. Sylvia Garcia (D-Houston) was a simple measure designed to protect children’s health by enabling parents to anticipate and make arrangements to address gaps […]

State Board Approves Evidence-Based Science Standards; Legislative News on Charters, the Budget and More

State Board Approves Evidence-Based Science Standards:  For the first time in years, state standards for science instruction will be free of loaded language inserted to promote a creationist critique of the science behind the theory of evolution. That’s the upshot of a debate and vote at the State Board of Education this week, in which […]

School Funding Comes to a Vote in Texas House

–School Funding Comes to a Vote in Texas House –Senate Committee Puts Priority on More Money for Charters –State Board of Education Debates Science Standards School Funding Comes to a Vote:  Scheduled for state House floor consideration on Wednesday is HB 21, the bill by Rep. Dan Huberty (R-Houston) to revise school-finance formulas and increase […]

House Plan for State Budget Coming to a Vote April 6; Other Action at the Capitol

House Plan for State Budget Coming to a Vote April 6:  The House is scheduled to vote on its version of the 2018-19 budget bill, SB 1, on April 6. Also set to be voted on that day is the supplemental spending bill for fiscal 2017, HB 2. Pre-filing of amendments to the budget bills […]

The Week Ahead at the Capitol: Budget, Charter Schools, and More

The state budget takes center stage at the Capitol in Austin during the week ahead. The Senate is expected to vote March 28 on its budget bill, SB 1. This bill leaves much to be desired. It will cut higher education significantly–as much as 10 percent at some institutions of higher learning. For public schools […]

Notable Gleanings from House Education Hearings This Week?

Catching you up on some telling points made in Texas House hearings on education matters this week, we note the following: In the House Appropriations subcommittee on education funding on Monday, Rep. Gary VanDeaver (R-New Boston) spotlighted the fact that funding for standardized testing is not slated for any reduction in the Texas Education Agency […]

Texas House Public Education Committee Sets Priorities

The first meeting of the House Public Education Committee on Tuesday afforded some insight into the educational priorities on the House side of the Texas Capitol rotunda. Committee chair Dan Huberty (R-Houston) said hearings next week and the week following will focus on school finance, with the goal of passing a major rewrite on the […]

New Report Documents Charter Ills

Last week the Washington-based Economic Policy Institute issued a highly instructive report on charter schools,  entitled “Exploring the Consequences of Charter School Expansion in U.S. Cities.” The EPI research findings, which have a strong bearing on what’s happening with charter expansion in Texas, prompted this response from AFT President Randi Weingarten: The original vision for […]

Voters on Tuesday Passed Key Education and Labor Ballot Measures

Besides making a host of personnel decisions for every office from president to school board at the polls on Tuesday, voters also passed a remarkable array of pro-public-education and pro-worker ballot measures across the country and here in Texas. The biggest headline story nationally was the defeat of a charter-expansion referendum in Massachusetts. This hard-fought […]

More Evidence of Dubious Business Practices at Charter Schools

reports and investigations have documented dubious business practices of charter schools, but here’s a new one we have not heard of before:  Some charter operators are attempting to impose a financial penalty on teachers who leave to take a job in the public schools. Here’s the story from American Prospect magazine (and we thank Communications […]