Taking a Stand on Controversial Immigration Bill in State Senate

Enforcing U.S. immigration laws is the job of the federal government, not state or local officials, and the feds cannot compel local law-enforcement officers to serve as immigration agents. However, that has not prevented repeated efforts in the Texas Legislature to conscript local police, as a matter of state law, to aid the federal Immigration […]

Gov. Abbott Announces Priorities in Upcoming “State of the State” Speech

On January 31 Gov. Greg Abbott will give his State of the State address to a joint session of the Texas House and Senate, outlining his priorities and likely designating matters he considers emergencies, a step that allows the Legislature to vote on them within the first 60 days of the session (i.e., before March […]

National Day of Action to Support Public Education

Texas AFT members will take part in a “National Day of Action” Thursday, January 19, as part of a nationwide series of events sponsored by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools . Activists across the nation will stand together to: Demand that our schools and campuses be safe places free from the threat of racism […]

Multi-Factor University of Texas Admission Policy Upheld; Court Deadlocks in Immigration Case

Randi Weingarten, president of the American Federation of Teachers, today welcomed the U.S. Supreme Court’s four-to-three decision upholding the admissions policy of the University of Texas against a constitutional challenge. Weingarten said: “The AFT, as the nation’s largest union of faculty and a longtime champion of racial equity, joins with our allies in celebrating the […]

Poverty and Racial, Ethnic, Gender Inequities Hurting Texas Children

The State of Texas Children 2016 report from the Center for Public Policy Priorities, released  today, finds that unequal opportunities and large disparities prevail in child poverty across race, ethnicity and gender. The CPPP report says 1.7 million Texas children (or 25 percent of all Texas children) live in poverty. Of those children in poverty, 1.1 […]

Texas AFT President Urges Support of the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act

Texas AFT President Louis Malfaro joined other education and community leaders in briefings today urging members of Congress to support the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act. He sent the following message to AFT members nationwide. Central America is facing a humanitarian refugee crisis. El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala are three of the world’s most […]

The Case of United States v. Texas

The Case of United States v. Texas Since 2001, Texas law has authorized in-state tuition eligibility for college students who were brought to Texas as children without immigration authorization. The 2001 legislation was signed by then-Gov. Rick Perry with bipartisan support, because it made sense to lawmakers to recognize that these students have put down […]

Upcoming State Hearings:Charter Schools, Campus Carry, and More

The state legislature’s interim calendar is starting to fill up, with committee hearings scheduled for the next couple of months on a wide array of topics involving public education from pre-K through college. Notable upcoming hearings include: December 2—The Texas Senate’s Intergovernmental Relations Committee will meet for a preliminary look at several issues, including an […]

Immigration Success Story of Texas AFT Teacher Earns White House Recognition

We are pleased to share the heartening story of the recognition won by a Texas AFT member from Austin last week at the White House, as ably told by national AFT staff writers: AFT member Maria Dominguez is an immigration success story. What’s more, she’s a perfect example of why the Deferred Action for Childhood […]