Time to be union proud on Labor Day and in the wake of Hurricane Harvey

Labor Day weekend offers us a chance to reflect on the struggles still ahead for economic equality and justice. Income inequality, lack of access to basics like affordable health care, and an aggressive attempt by the rich and powerful to undermine opportunity by stifling investments in K-12 and higher education are conspiring to make it […]

Bad Bills in Texas Senate on Vouchers, Payroll Deduction Meet Bipartisan Resistance

Over the weekend and on Monday, bad bills in the Texas Senate promoting private-school vouchers and attacking your freedom to use payroll deduction met serious bipartisan resistance from grass-roots Texans. So did other measures, including an unfunded pay-raise proposal that would not deliver a real raise to teachers. Meanwhile, in the Texas House, opposition to […]

Bills on the Move (or Not) in the Texas Legislature

As the Legislature takes a break until Monday for the Easter/Passover holiday, there’s news to report on a number of bills of importance to education employees. With just 46 days left in the 2017 regular session, some major bills are on the move, while some others are not. Educator misconduct:  SB 7, the bill by Sen. […]

Anti-Teacher Bill Meets Wall of Opposition from Public Employees and Allies in Texas Senate

Send an online letter to you legislators now! Be connected to your state senator’s office to urge them to vote no on SB 13! Teachers and other education employees were joined today by other groups of public employees in a solid wall of opposition to state legislation that would take away their freedom to have […]

Turning Back an Attack on Your Freedom to Use Payroll Deduction

The Texas Senate State Affairs Committee took testimony today on a fresh attack against your right to pay your organizational dues via payroll deduction. A private-sector business group, locked in a dispute with a private-sector union, has chosen to lash out by demanding the prohibition of payroll deduction of dues by public employees—who are not […]

Taking on Wall Street for Main Street’s Sake

AFT President Randi Weingarten invites you to take on Wall Street. Here’s the scoop, in Weingarten’s own words: We don’t need to tell you that in Washington, the game is rigged in favor of the wealthy and well-connected. And no one rigs our political system more than Wall Street. Banks work tirelessly to make sure […]

Lessons and Resources for Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

For many of us in the labor movement, the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday coming up on Monday is an occasion for reminding ourselves that our work puts us squarely in the civil-rights advocacy tradition Dr. King exemplified. Here from the AFT-sponsored Share My Lesson Web site, is a brief explanation of what we are […]