Your Voice: Use It or Lose It!

Senate Bill 13 and House Bill 510 eliminate payroll deduction for most public employees, including teachers and other school personnel, nurses, correctional officers, child protection workers, and other public-sector workers at the state and local level. Learn the facts here, then stand up for you rights!

Bills on payroll deduction for dues target public employees

Two bills filed this session–HB 510 and SB 13–would remove the ability of teachers, CPS workers, correctional officers, and many other public employees to make voluntary payments from their earnings via safe and secure payroll dues deduction to the employee or professional organization of their choice. We will be fighting these bills because: It’s your […]

National Day of Action Draws Thousands of AFT Members to Support Public Education

(For more news and photos, see: Tens of thousands of parents, teachers, students and community members took action in more than 200 cities and towns across the country Jan. 19 as part of the #ReclaimOurSchools National Day of Action. The AFT is a partner in the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools, which spearheaded the events. […]

National Day of Action to Support Public Education

Texas AFT members will take part in a “National Day of Action” Thursday, January 19, as part of a nationwide series of events sponsored by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools . Activists across the nation will stand together to: Demand that our schools and campuses be safe places free from the threat of racism […]

Raise Texas Wages!

Texas lawmakers, strongly backed by Texas AFT and other affiliates of the Texas AFL-CIO, are pushing to increase the minimum wage for Texans in all walks of life with a bevy of bills filed in the 2017 legislative session that began January 10. The drive to raise Texans’ pay is the focus of a Texas […]

Candidates Backed by Texas AFT Affiliates Sweep Local Runoffs

Congratulations are due to the two Texas AFT local affiliates that spearheaded a sweep of December runoffs for their local boards of trustees. The ACC/AFT, our local for Austin Community College employees in Central Texas, endorsed and worked successfully to elect two new trustees, Sean Hassan and Julie Ann Nitsch, in decisive fashion in a […]

Reading the Election Returns, Looking Ahead to Key Runoffs—Impact on Public Education

For the second time in the last five presidential elections, a candidate who lost the popular vote has won in the electoral college and hence will assume the mantle of the U.S. presidency. As a result, the national presidential race has given us a president-elect who, among many other causes for concern, campaigned in support […]

Austin local wins mandatory 30-minute recesses

Education Austin in August announced it was successful in its year-long effort to make at least 30 consecutive minutes of unstructured play time—otherwise known as recess—mandatory at all Austin ISD elementary schools. The new policy also would prohibit taking away recess as punishment or requiring students to do schoolwork during recess. The local union worked […]

Student debt clinics help members reduce loan payments

The message is getting through: There are better ways to pay off your student debt. According to new numbers from the U.S. Department of Education, nearly 5.3 million people are lowering their monthly student loan payments through income-based repayment plans—a 36 percent increase since last year, and a 110 percent increase since 2014. Public service […]