Your Voice: Use It or Lose It!

Write Your Lawmakers Now Here! Be Connected Directly to Your State Senator Here More Facts About HB 510 and SB 13 Here Your voice is crucial to improving public education and the teaching profession. Your voice has helped stop bad ideas to privatize public education through private-school vouchers and take away secure pensions. Frankly, they […]

State Pension Overseers Slow Push for One-Size-Fits-All Ratings of Diverse Pension Funds

Among numerous matters considered by the State Pension Review Board, which oversees state and local public pension funds in Texas, was an agenda item labeled “rating system for pension plan health and annual funding adequacy.” This represents a continuing effort by recently appointed board chair Josh McGee to put in place a simplistic one-size-fits-all pension-fund […]

Update on Social Security Fairness

A U.S. House committee decided not to vote last week on a bill to modify and partially replace the Windfall Elimination Provision, one of two Social Security benefit offsets that adversely affect our members’ retirement security. Currently the WEP offset can take away up to $428 a month of Social Security benefits earned by a […]

Need to Repeal Unfair Social Security Offsets

Congressman Kevin Brady, Republican of The Woodlands, held a press conference in Houston on March 29 to highlight the need for repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision, which he deems unfair and in need of replacement. Rep. Brady is certainly right about the unfairness of the WEP, which cuts duly earned Social Security benefits earned […]

Tell Congress: Support Social Security Fairness

If you agree that there is no substitute for Social Security fairness for public employees injured by unjust Social Security offsets cutting their retirement benefits, we encourage you to  send a letter via the Texas AFT action page calling on Congress to enact the full repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision and the similarly harsh […]

Congressional Hearing on Offsets That Hit Public Employees under Social Security

The Windfall Elimination Provision under Social Security can cut earned retirement benefits by up to $428 a month for Texas teachers and other public employees. The WEP hits those who get a state or local pension for work not covered by Social Security, even though they have qualified for Social Security separately through other employment […]

Take Action to Repeal Unfair Social Security Offsets

Send your letter to Congress now! On March 22 the U.S. House Social Security Subcommittee will hold a hearing spotlighting the impact of two harsh offsets that cut Social Security retirement benefits for public employees in more than a dozen states—the Government Pension Offset of spousal benefits and the so-called Windfall Elimination Provision. But the […]

Remove the Fox from the Pension Henhouse–Write to Your State Senator

On November 30 the Houston-based hedge-fund billionaire and former Enron trader John Arnold opened a new front in his attack on public pensions in Texas. Arnold is committed to the goal of “fixing” public pensions—which really means cutting benefits. He has funded multiple attacks on state and local pension programs around the country. His Laura […]

TRS Okays Rule Change to Help Retirees Get Full Benefit of Final Year’s Pay in Pension Calculation

The trustees of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas signed off on a rule change last week that could help retirees whose benefit calculation would be negatively affected by the recent adoption of a “standardized school year”—September 1 through August 31—by TRS. For the final year before retirement, the new rule (effective for the 2015-2016 […]