Fox Takes Up Residence in Henhouse at Pension Review Board

Josh McGee, a prominent critic of guaranteed retirement benefits for public employees, will now be chairing the State Pension Review Board, thanks to a two-thirds vote in the Texas Senate Thursday. McGee’s appointment by Gov. Greg Abbott was snagged for weeks because of grass-roots opposition that translated into a blocking minority of 11 senators depriving […]

Legislative Wrap-Up for March 17

Controversial Pick for Pension Board Faces Texas Senate Opposition: Serious opposition has developed in the Texas Senate to the appointment of Josh McGee to serve as chair of the State Pension Review Board. McGee is a prominent critic of state-guaranteed pension benefits and is employed by a foundation in Houston that has led attacks on […]

Committee Vote Coming Up on Fox in the Pension Henhouse; School Finance and Property Tax News

Committee Vote Coming Up on Fox in the Pension Henhouse: The Senate Nominations Committee is due to act March 16 on a State Pension Review Board appointee known for his criticism of guaranteed pension benefits. Josh McGee, Gov. Greg Abbott’s choice to chair the Review Board, is a functionary of the Houston-based Arnold Foundation that […]

Texas AFT Recommends Charleston in TRS Trustee Election

The 2017 TRS trustee nomination election is under way from now until May 5. The Texas AFT executive council has endorsed the reappointment of Karen Charleston for a seat on the Teacher Retirement System of Texas board of trustees. Charleston has served as a TRS trustee since 2011, when she was appointed to what was […]

Remove the Fox from the Pension Henhouse!

Send your letter now telling your senator to vote “No” on putting a fox in the pension henhouse! Houston-based hedge-fund billionaire and former Enron trader John Arnold for years has mounted an attack on public pensions providing guaranteed lifetime benefits that you cannot outlive—pension plans like your Texas Teacher Retirement System. Arnold’s attacks have been […]

Your Voice: Use It or Lose It!

Senate Bill 13 and House Bill 510 eliminate payroll deduction for most public employees, including teachers and other school personnel, nurses, correctional officers, child protection workers, and other public-sector workers at the state and local level. Learn the facts here, then stand up for you rights!

State Pension Overseers Slow Push for One-Size-Fits-All Ratings of Diverse Pension Funds

Among numerous matters considered by the State Pension Review Board, which oversees state and local public pension funds in Texas, was an agenda item labeled “rating system for pension plan health and annual funding adequacy.” This represents a continuing effort by recently appointed board chair Josh McGee to put in place a simplistic one-size-fits-all pension-fund […]

Update on Social Security Fairness

A U.S. House committee decided not to vote last week on a bill to modify and partially replace the Windfall Elimination Provision, one of two Social Security benefit offsets that adversely affect our members’ retirement security. Currently the WEP offset can take away up to $428 a month of Social Security benefits earned by a […]

Need to Repeal Unfair Social Security Offsets

Congressman Kevin Brady, Republican of The Woodlands, held a press conference in Houston on March 29 to highlight the need for repeal of the Windfall Elimination Provision, which he deems unfair and in need of replacement. Rep. Brady is certainly right about the unfairness of the WEP, which cuts duly earned Social Security benefits earned […]