Private-school voucher bill hearing set for Tuesday at the state Capitol

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 20, 2017 CONTACT: Rob D’Amico, 512-627-1343 Vouchers would drain taxpayer money from public schools and funnel it to private schools with no accountability. Texas Public Schools could lose more than $2 billion! SB 3, the big voucher bill of the 2017 session by Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood), comes up for a […]

Texas AFT Members and Allies Rally for Lobby Day at State Capitol

More than 2,000 Texas AFT members and allies from across Texas rallied on the front steps of the Texas Capitol Monday and brought their strong grass-roots presence to bear in scores of visits with individual legislators. They came together in support of a strong, proactive agenda for public education and the schoolchildren and higher-ed students […]

How You Can Help in the Fight Against Private-School Vouchers

?We previously encouraged you to send an online letter from the Texas AFT website to your legislators letting them know to oppose any attempt to use taxpayer money for private-school tuition (vouchers). If you didn’t send a letter yet, you can do so here. It’s also good to know we’re not alone in this fight. The Network […]

Your Voice: Use It or Lose It!

Write Your Lawmakers Now Here! Be Connected Directly to Your State Senator Here More Facts About HB 510 and SB 13 Here Your voice is crucial to improving public education and the teaching profession. Your voice has helped stop bad ideas to privatize public education through private-school vouchers and take away secure pensions. Frankly, they […]

Lt. Gov. Patrick Cranks out Another Voucher Bill

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick held a state Capitol press conference Monday afternoon to roll out his latest onslaught against public schools. We refer to Senate Bill 3, a private-school  voucher bill that Patrick has entrusted to Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood), chair of the Senate Education Committee. The bill would create so-called education savings accounts and […]

National Day of Action to Support Public Education

Texas AFT members will take part in a “National Day of Action” Thursday, January 19, as part of a nationwide series of events sponsored by the Alliance to Reclaim Our Schools . Activists across the nation will stand together to: Demand that our schools and campuses be safe places free from the threat of racism […]

Hot Topics: Hearings on Education, Labor, Revenue

Hot Topics:  Hearings on Education, Labor, Revenue Texas AFT’s government-relations team will be working overtime next week as state lawmakers convene in Austin for a spate of hearings on education, labor, and revenue topics. The legislative hearings will overlap with a week-long series of State Board of Education meetings in the capital city as well. […]

Vouchers and More on State Senate’s Agenda for Upcoming Hearings

The Texas Senate Education Committee has added three more hearings to its interim agenda.  On August 16, the committee will hold a hearing on governance policies for school boards. Training for board members will be one focal point, especially as it relates to policies affecting schools rated low-performing. The committee also will consider the current […]

Lt. Gov. Patrick’s Interim Charges to State Senate Committees

Since October 8, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has issued four batches of interim study assignments to Texas Senate committees, giving us a good preview of his priorities for the next legislative session. (A fifth and final batch is scheduled for release on October 14.) In the interim charges issued so far, you will find little […]

You Can’t Make This Stuff Up—Presidential Candidate Issues Call to “Abolish All Teachers’ Lounges”

At a time when school districts around Texas and the nation are experiencing teacher shortages, you might think public officials would try to avoid giving fresh offense to educators who are fed up with being scapegoated and sick of seeing their students’ educational experience warped by the testing industry and its allies. But Ohio Gov. […]