Sign Up to Support the Fair Shot Texas Agenda

Extreme politicians in the Texas Legislature are determined to weaken the power of working people. They’re pushing special interest-backed legislation that would make it harder for working families to make ends meet. We believe everyone deserves a fair shot to get ahead, which is why we’ve joined other labor partners in Texas to form the […]

Fox Takes Up Residence in Henhouse at Pension Review Board

Josh McGee, a prominent critic of guaranteed retirement benefits for public employees, will now be chairing the State Pension Review Board, thanks to a two-thirds vote in the Texas Senate Thursday. McGee’s appointment by Gov. Greg Abbott was snagged for weeks because of grass-roots opposition that translated into a blocking minority of 11 senators depriving […]

Bills on the Move (or Not) in the Texas Legislature

As the Legislature takes a break until Monday for the Easter/Passover holiday, there’s news to report on a number of bills of importance to education employees. With just 46 days left in the 2017 regular session, some major bills are on the move, while some others are not. Educator misconduct:  SB 7, the bill by Sen. […]

Convention 2017 Workshops

  Texas AFT Professional Issues Day June 17, 2017 Register here Schedule (course descriptions are listed below) You may also download a PDF of times and descriptions. 10:30am-12pm 1:45pm-3:15pm 3:30pm-5pm Creating a Cultural Consciousness Kimberly McLeod, Harris County Department of Education Communicating the Union Message Julie Washington, AFT Parent and Teacher Collaboration: Key to ELL […]

Bad Bills to Promote Vouchers, Silence Your Voice Advance in Texas Senate

Promoting Private-School Vouchers: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wanted to get his pet private-school voucher program through the state Senate Thursday in the worst way, and he got what he wanted–one of the worst bills to come out of the Senate in the 2017 session. To get the votes needed to bring the bill up for […]

A “Vote Against Teachers” in the Texas Senate

By a vote of 20 to 11, the Texas Senate gave preliminary approval Wednesday to an attack on the freedom of teachers and nearly all school employees to spend their own money as they please. The bill in question, SB 13 by Sen. Joan Huffman (R-Houston), would prohibit voluntary payroll deduction of professional-organization dues by […]

Texas AFT Members and Allies Rally for Lobby Day at State Capitol

More than 2,000 Texas AFT members and allies from across Texas rallied on the front steps of the Texas Capitol Monday and brought their strong grass-roots presence to bear in scores of visits with individual legislators. They came together in support of a strong, proactive agenda for public education and the schoolchildren and higher-ed students […]

Attack on Your Economic Freedom: Update

HB 510, the Texas House version of the bill to take away your freedom to have your organizational dues deducted from your paycheck, has been referred to the House State Affairs Committee for review. This bill by Rep. Sarah Davis (R-Houston) resembles legislation that died in the House State Affairs Committee in 2015. The 13-member […]