Special-Education Voucher Alert! Write Your Lawmakers in Opposition

Despite the big House majority vote (103 to 44) against any form of voucher funding in SB 1, the budget bill, two voucher bills will get a hearing on Thursday in the House Public Education Committee.  Both bills—HB 1335 by Rep. Ron Simmons (R-Carrollton) and HB 4193, also by Simmons—focus on special-education students. In other […]

Special-Ed Vouchers to Get a Hearing; Community Schools Would Gain State Backing under Key Bill

Special-ed Vouchers to Get a Hearing in House Committee:  Despite the big House majority vote (103 to 44) against any form of voucher funding in SB 1, the budget bill, the House Public Education Committee will give a hearing to two voucher bills on Thursday, April 27. Both bills are by Rep. Ron Simmons (R-Carrollton) […]

Bills on the Move (or Not) in the Texas Legislature

As the Legislature takes a break until Monday for the Easter/Passover holiday, there’s news to report on a number of bills of importance to education employees. With just 46 days left in the 2017 regular session, some major bills are on the move, while some others are not. Educator misconduct:  SB 7, the bill by Sen. […]

The Fight Against Vouchers Enters the Budget Debate–Take Action Now!

The fight against diversion of scarce taxpayer dollars from the public schools to unaccountable private schools enters a new phase at the state Capitol this week. The voucher fight will play out as part of the state House budget debate coming up on Thursday, April 6. Two bad House amendments to advance Lt. Gov. Dan […]

Bad Bills to Promote Vouchers, Silence Your Voice Advance in Texas Senate

Promoting Private-School Vouchers: Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick wanted to get his pet private-school voucher program through the state Senate Thursday in the worst way, and he got what he wanted–one of the worst bills to come out of the Senate in the 2017 session. To get the votes needed to bring the bill up for […]

Private-School Vouchers Struggle for Traction

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick is pressing hard for passage of a private-school voucher bill, SB 3, this week in the Texas Senate where he presides. The latest word is that he and bill author Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) are cooking up a substitute, to be unveiled with minimal advance notice on the Senate floor, for […]

The Week Ahead at the Capitol: Budget, Charter Schools, and More

The state budget takes center stage at the Capitol in Austin during the week ahead. The Senate is expected to vote March 28 on its budget bill, SB 1. This bill leaves much to be desired. It will cut higher education significantly–as much as 10 percent at some institutions of higher learning. For public schools […]