Cutting Business Taxes at Expense of Education

Another bad idea set for floor action Thursday in the House is HB 28, the bill to cut business franchise taxes that schools depend on to fulfill state obligations for public education. This measure by Rep. Dennis Bonnen (R-Angleton) would subtract $1.53 billion from state coffers in 2018-19, at the very time we are told that there is not enough money for the state to take care of many urgent needs in public education. Passage of this bill would mean the Legislature is digging the budget hole deeper, setting us up for yet another artificially created revenue shortfall.


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    Are you kidding?! We can’t get our public schools enough money to operate effectively now, and you want to cut 1 and a half BILLION more dollars out of their budget? What insanity is this? So that the businesses who already make too much money can keep more of it instead of doing their share for their communities by funding their public education?! Thati is a really, really bad idea!

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    Schools need more help now than ever. We are educating drug babies of drug babies now. Their IQs are lower yet they are expected to take a ridiculously hard test with more time focusing on the test rather than focusing on what skills the students need to improve. We need smaller classes with well-trained teachers for the younger students to build a strong foundation of reading and math skills. We are leaving too many behind due to the testing schedule and more students are giving up and not even trying. What kind of workers will they be in the future. Will they be paying taxes or expecting the rest of to pay taxes to support them?

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