Dan Patrick’s unfunded plan for school finance and teacher pay is not a serious proposal

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Texas AFT President Louis Malfaro commented today on Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s proposals on increased school funding and teacher pay:

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick’s numbers just didn’t add up to a serious school-finance plan today as he threw out a flurry of proposals for increased teacher compensation without offering any new state money to pay for them.

Professing his devotion to funding for education and teachers, Patrick quoted the Bible:  “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” But in reality he is insisting that our schools do more with less—that they make bricks without straw.

For all the rhetoric he used, what his proposals come down to is no new money for education. Instead, educators are directed to reprioritize existing funds. School districts would be asked to stretch already thin budgets even more.

In essence, he’s saying let’s pretend we have more dollars to work with, and then we can pretend to give teachers more money.

The Texas Legislature should increase per-pupil funding so that school districts can meet students’ needs.


  1. Jeannine Blankenship says

    If memory serves, didn’t we get the lottery legalized by saying the revenue would be steered to education? How has that been working for us ?

    New Mexico’s legalized gambling which enables New Mexican resident college students to pay only half the due tuition. The other half of tuition being paid from gambling taxes.

    Come on Texas. Lets fund us some education. The person you live next to will be smarter, will be taught manners, and will be exposed to situations that create empathy. Plus they can earn more , meaning those hand outs you’ve been giving will diminish.

  2. says

    All of his rhetoric deceives the public into believing something that sounds rightous. Non-teachers will think he’s really helping and he’s actually making the situation worse. We will need public support to make a difference here. I’m scared.
    Sincerely, Husband and wife teachers

  3. Hellkitty says

    School districts could divert some of their athletics budget to academics where it belongs. Coach stipends are ridiculously high and ought to be repurposed into something that benefits more of the student population.
    I know, heresy in Texas.

    How about repealing the Sunday sale of liquor blue law and dedicate the taxes collected that day to education?

    There are lots of ways around the funding issue if people are willing to look and are genuinely interested in solving the problem.
    Political will and honesty are necessary not wringing ones pearls and giving up.

    • Perry Hughes says

      Coaches are not overpaid and the stipends are ridiculously low, not high. If you take the average stipend and divide it by the number of hours worked it comes out to pennies. I do agree there are probably places that can be pinched. IMO it could start with the ridiculously high Superintendent and admin salaries and perks. Teaches are the ones in the trenches working tons of hours……not administrators with outlandish salaries and perks. A school cannot survive without teachers. On the other side of the coin, a school can operate just fine without a superintendent!

  4. Michael Donahue says

    Time for Austin and Texas to get serious about higher and lower education. We have people unqualified making educational decisions.

  5. Alisa Mirabella says

    Again, more legislation that goes unfunded. How much more do expect school districts to be able to absorb? Please come to my school and watch us teach for the day and see what you have put us up against, or are you afraid that you will actually see our needs?

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