Heads Up! Say No to Premium Hikes, Benefit Cuts for TRS Retiree Health Care

Urge the members of the TRS-Care Retirees Advisory Committee to oppose any premium increases or benefit reductions that would shift even more of the cost than now onto the backs of TRS retirees. Send a letter [see text below] via e-mail from the Texas AFT Web site to the committee members before Friday:

“To the members of the Teacher Retirement System of Texas Retirees Advisory Committee:

“The TRS Board of Trustees expects to adopt rates and benefits for the TRS-Care retiree health-care program when the board meets in June. The Retirees Advisory Committee will likely be asked to review and comment before then on any proposed changes in the program. I am writing to ask that you oppose any increase in premiums and any decrease in benefits.

“For more than ten years now TRS retirees have gone without an increase in our monthly annuities. In that time general inflation has steadily eroded the value of our retirement benefit. At the same time, our costs for medical care have gone up tremendously. TRS retirees simply cannot afford any further increase in health-care costs: We can’t pay higher premiums. We don’t have the money for higher out-of-pocket costs that would result from decreased benefits.

“On behalf of retired school employees across our state who spent our careers educating generations of young Texans, please speak against any proposed premium increase or benefit decrease.

“Thank you for considering my views and for your valuable service on the Retirees Advisory Committee.”