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1) Check the list below on the pop-down menu to see if your district has a local affiliate. If so, you will join the local organization and will automatically be a member of the Texas AFT statewide organization.

2) If your district is not on the list, choose “All Other Districts” and you will be joining the Texas AFT Associate Membership Program, a group of statewide members served by local/regional offices throughout the state.

If you are joining the Associate Membership Program and would rather fill out a paper form and/or pay by check the the entire year’s dues payment, click here to download an application. Question? Call us today toll free at 1-800-252-9350


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  1. Oscar Rodriguez says

    I would like to join to this association. I am a teacher y Tyler Tx. Please help me what can I do. Thanks

    • says

      An affiliated group simply means there is a local, chartered, indepdendent union that represents members in your school district. That union charges its own dues and is governed by a local elected board or committee. Often local unions have their own staff and can lobby more effectively on local issues before the local school board. Thus, dues are higher. Each local union still is affiliated with Texas AFT at the state level and AFT at the national level, and these state and national affiliates also provide services and member benefits–the most obvious of which are government relations and action campaigns directed at the state legislature and U.S. Congress, as well as other bodies like the State Board of Education, SBEC, TRS, etc. Texas AFT works to organize members in districts to a density level (e.g. high enough membership) where it makes sense to form and support a local union. In district’s that don’t have that membership yet, you join as an associate member. You still receive member benefits, insurance and legal protection, but you don’t have a local union concentrating its efforts soley in your district.

    • says

      Yes, you can join as a retiree. And if you were a member of a local union, you automatically are a retiree member. Some locals have active retiree groups that work on volunteering, advocacy, etc. Check with our office at 512-448-0130 and let them know what district you last worked in and if you were a member, and someone can assist you. Also, many of our members–and other union folks–become involved with the Texas Alliance of Retired Americans. And finally, yes, there is the Texas Retired Teachers Association. They do good work, but they aren’t always in line with us on our agenda and advocacy at the state Capitol.

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