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Video Contest
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  1. Dr. Lori Mathis, Principal, Northside Business & Law Academy/Microsociety, DeSoto ISD
    “The Best Is Yet To Come”

Art Contest

  1. Ms. Marie Alford, Art Teacher, Mary Carroll High School, Corpus Christi ISD
    Ms. Alford, sponsor of the National Art Honor Society and Art Club, at her school, listed all the activities that her students participated in and then showcased them in a collection of photos that can be found here.  Here’s a glimpse…

2015 Upload April - July Camera White 020

12188120_972173116189216_4524659368285700038_oSeniors walking March of Dimes May 14 2016

2.  Cynthia Carnes, 6th Grade English Teacher, Zachry Middle School, Northside ISD
Carnes sponsors the Zachry Community of Readers Book Club that works to promote literacy among the community.  The club visits its middle school’s feeder elementary school to read with its students each month.  The middle schoolers then engage in a culminating activity that spans across a vast array of curriculum, including art. Here are some photos of their work…

Book Reading 6


Book Reading 5

Book Reading 3


3. Martin Barrera, Art Teacher, Dekaney High School, Spring ISD.
Mr. Barrera has shepherded his students into several high-profile competitions, including Rodeo Art Houston and the State Visual Artistic Scholastic Event in San Antonio. His students also joined him in showing their pride by painting a mural at a local community clinic. Barrera says his students use art as an avenue to express themselves. It keeps them off the streets and out of trouble, builds their self-esteem in their ability to overcome obstacles with their art projects, and promotes critical thinking.








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