Speak Out Against Special-Ed Vouchers

The House Public Education Committee on Thursday also will hear two special-education voucher bills that deserve our vocal opposition. The bills are HB 1335 and HB 4193 by Rep. Ron Simmons (R-Carrollton). HB 1335 would create “education savings account” vouchers; HB 4193 would create “credit account” vouchers. Both bills have the key elements of a voucher, regardless of their labels and technical mechanisms. They both would transfer public funds to unaccountable private educational service providers without public accountability, all in the name of parental choice. We urge you to write to your legislators now, using the email letter ready and waiting for you on the Texas AFT legislative-action site online.


  1. Diane Christopherson says

    Are you kidding me? I worked in special ed system for 30 years and there is no way that the state could set aside enough money to be meaningful for parents to access services for most students with disabilities. For example, a student who is deaf or hard of hearing needs the services of not only specially trained teachers but to access any teacher, would need hearing aid management (audiology services provided in the setting) and/or a sign language interpreter/translator proficient in the student’s communication mode. Those two items alone are way beyond any educational setting without funding support from the state which has barely increased since 2009 as I recall to public school services for Regional Day School Programs. (this does not include Texas School for the Deaf which is not a mainstream setting). This appears to be a very unethical way to appeal to and take advantage of naive citizens who do not realize the costs of special services to students who qualify – it’s called special for a reason. There is no peer reviewed research on any of these unhelpful endeavors. Please ax and do not even consider passing HB 1335 or HB4193

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