Tell Congress to Vote No on Vouchers in the Nation’s Capital

The U.S. House of Representatives is on a backwards course to resuscitate a private-school voucher program that has been shown to be ineffective. Why should we let them do it again?

Tell your Representative to oppose private school vouchers in Washington, D.C.

The Washington, D.C. voucher program was a five-year pilot program that expired in 2008.  Despite overwhelming evidence that the program has not been effective, proponents in the House are attempting to revive it.  Passage of this bill would set a bad precedent and embolden voucher supporters to try to expand it to a nationwide voucher program.

At a time when federal, state and local budgets are threatened with severe cuts in funding, we should not be spending scarce federal dollars on an ineffective program providing private-school vouchers for a few students.

Call now and tell your Representative to oppose the Washington, D.C. voucher bill (H.R. 471).

Reviving a failed program is no way to govern in these trying times.