Texas AFT: How We’re Different


Reclaiming the promise…
Join Texas AFT as we reclaim the promise of public education. For current members, that means taking a stand to let elected officials know that we are professionals who will work to ensure a quality education for all our students, and a respectful working environment that inspires us to spark the love of learning in the children we educate.

Not a Texas AFT member? Not all school employee organizations are the same, and we hope you explore some of the ways Texas AFT stands apart from the crowd.

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reclaimsignHow we’re different…

1) Texas AFT is more than legal protection and benefits (although we offer the best of those too!). Being a member of a union means you are part of a family of educators and other workers with a shared vision for public education.

2) Texas AFT is the only Texas school employee organization with a significant number of local unions
and Associate Member Program offices organized to provide direct representation for educators and school employees.

3) With more than 65,000 members, Texas AFT is a statewide organization encompassing 38 local unions and regional offices in school districts across the state. We are also affiliated with the 1.6-million-member American Federation of Teachers and the AFL-CIO, with 12 million members.

4) Texas AFT staff also cut through red tape and help resolve thorny issues at your workplace. Our attorneys work with representatives in the field to defend your rights under state law.

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