Vote in Primary Election Tuesday, May 29!

Last year, when the Texas legislature was chopping the education budget and cutting back rights and benefits of education employees, we said we’d remember and we’d vote in 2012. Now our moment has arrived.

Republican and Democratic Party nominations for every post from U.S. senator to local constable will be on the ballot Tuesday, May 29, from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Early voting, which ended today, has been sparse in many Texas counties, so your vote is all the more important, whichever party primary you choose to vote in.

By now if you’re a registered voter and a member of Texas AFT you should have heard from us multiple times about key contested races in your area. Just in case you’re in doubt, though, the Texas AFT Web site recaps Texas AFT’s recommendations in key races in both party primaries:  2012 Election Page.

You must vote Tuesday at your neighborhood polling place. Because of redistricting, be sure to double-check whether your precinct polling location has changed. On Tuesday, before you head out to the polls, you can check on the Texas Secretary of State’s Web site. Or you can call your local county election clerk, whose number you also will find listed on the Secretary of State’s site.

The two party primaries also feature separate lists of nonbinding referendum questions, with three on the Democratic side focused on education access and funding and one on the Republican side promoting private-school vouchers. That voucher idea has never yet made it through the Texas legislature, thanks to opposition from Texas AFT and a broad coalition of parent, educator, and community allies in defense of public schools.