Your Two Cents—How Have You Been Affected in This Economy, and What Should President Say in State of the Union Address?

On Tuesday, January 24, President Obama will make his annual State of the Union address to the nation.  AFT members are calling for commonsense policies that will restore balance for the middle class in our country.

What issues you would like to hear President Obama talk about during his State of the Union address?

It is time to focus the debate on the needs of the middle class and those who live in poverty:  putting Americans back to work, providing our children with a high-quality education, keeping families in their homes, and reining in the abuses of Wall Street and big corporations.  America needs to work for all of us, not just the 1 percent.

Tell your personal story, how you have been affected in this economy and what you want to hear from President Obama during his State of the Union address.

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