Early voting for Primary Runoff ends today; here’s why your vote matters

Educators are scared in Texas. Our state leaders, through profound errors in judgment, have failed us, and the coronavirus pandemic is out of control. Texas breaks records almost every day for new cases and deaths. And yet, Governor Abbott and President Trump demand schools open. We need new leadership in Austin and in Washington, but those elections are in the future, so what can we do today?

We can voteDon a mask, take some hand sanitizer, and go vote during early voting​ through July 10 for the July 14 runoff elections. Granted, we can’t vote out Abbott or Trump today, but we can make choices today that will affect our future as educators.

Do you want a school privatization-supporting Senator from the Rio Grande Valley in SD27 or an upstart constitutional lawyer like Sara Stapleton Barrera​? In Austin, do you prefer a battle-tested public-school champion like Rep. Eddie Rodriguez​ in SD14, or a county judge endorsed by Charter Schools Now? In Dallas, we have a labor movement progressive in Rep. Lorraine Birabil​​ to stand up for in HD100. In Houston, a daughter of educators, Akilah Bacy​, offers us a glimpse of a better future in HD138; and two public school advocates in Penny Morales Shaw​ (HD148) and Jerry Davis​ (HD142) working to send home establishment politicians who won’t listen to teachers.