Runoff Election results recap

Educators in Texas were heavily involved in the July 14 runoff elections (moved from May to July due to the coronavirus). In the U.S. Senate race, educators from across Texas supported State Senator Royce West, who came up just short in his bid. We look forward to Senator West’s continued public education leadership in the Texas Senate.

In a monumental upset, Houston educators played a key role in Penny Morales Shaw’s campaign to defeat an out-of-state charter school organization-backed incumbent. Yet, in a setback for teachers, the LGBT community, and reproductive rights advocates, former teacher Sara Stapleton Barrera lost to a long-time school privatization supporter that outspent her 10 to 1.

Public school champion Rep. Eddie Rodriguez made a valiant effort in the special election for Senate District 14 in Austin, but was unable to defeat a former Travis County judge. Turnout among Texas AFT members was high, which demonstrates their enthusiasm to play a leading role in shaping their communities in November.

Penny Morales Shaw