We’re setting records, but there’s still much more work to be done!

More than eighty thousand Texas AFT members and retirees have made their voices heard this election. Texas AFT members have made 5,000 phone calls urging members to go vote this October and sent almost 100,000 text messages. We are holding our leaders accountable because they failed us on COVID-19. We need change in Austin and Washington D.C. We’re not stopping yet. We’ll keep pushing until the polls close on Tuesday (and we will vote all the way down the ballot when we get there).

Find pro-educator candidates to vote for here! So much is at stake in Texas: public school funding, holding TEA accountable, decreasing the emphasis on high-stakes standardized testing, and reforming school accountability. Your vote makes us more powerful in advocating for you. 

Have you made your plan to vote on Election Day for public education champions from the State House through the White House?