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Across the state on March 15, educators and school employees will take part in a Day of Action, drawing attention to school funding and the Texas Legislature.

Normally, public school employees from across the state would gather at the Texas Capitol to advocate for our schools, ourselves, and our students. Given our pandemic reality, that’s not an option this year.

Instead, we’re asking you to join events in your area to raise your voice and make sure lawmakers hear from educators and school staff on the need for prioritized, fully funded public education.

Enter your ZIP code below to find an event near you.

Additional Resources

Looking for other ways to get involved and make your voice heard during this legislative session?

  • Share our legislative agenda. Our union is fighting for several major priorities in the 87th legislative session. They include improving school safety, maintaining school funding, and fighting the privatization of our public education system. Can you share our priorities with your friends and colleagues?
  • Share your story with us. Our leaders and lawmakers need to hear from public school employees. If you share your personal story with us, we can help you turn it into legislative testimony or another form of advocacy.
  • Donate to our political fund. None of your membership dues go toward political activity, including our legislative advocacy efforts. Instead, you can make a small contribution to our political fund to help us fight back against big-money lobbyists.