Election 2020

(Note: Check back soon for new information, including endorsements and more on the issues.)

Important Dates

Monday, February 3: Last day to register to vote
Tuesday, February 18: First day of early voting
Friday, February 28: Last day of early voting
Tuesday, March 3: Primary Election Day

Important links:
VoteTexas.gov (the official state site for election, registration information and your district/precinct information)
Who Represents Me? (Find your current state and federal elected officials and their districts)
List of Candidates (Texas Tribune’s page to search to find candidates by your address)

Why this election is important

From the school house to the State House, public school employees are standing up for Texas schoolchildren. We won over $6.2 billion in new school funding for our public schools in the recent legislative session. This victory was the result of our union’s hard work of flipping 12 Texas House seats and 2 Senate seats to “pro-public education.” We changed the agenda at the State Capitol helping lawmakers make a first real down payment on our children’s futures. Now is our time to make our voices heard, mobilize to take real action, and vote in the upcoming election.

Our work matters and gets results:
• $6.2 billion in new funding for public education
• Pay raises for all Texas public school employees
• Blocked voucher legislation and slowed the expansion of charter schools
• 13th check for retirees while setting up the potential of winning a COLA increase

We will continue to fight for:
• Additional funding for public education providing a real investment for our neighborhood schools and colleges
• Increased salaries and improved healthcare benefits giving employees the freedom to live securely
• Safe and welcoming environments in our schools, lower class sizes, and wrap-around resources for our students
• The freedom to teach and the freedom to care so we may meet our students’ needs

Steps you can take to get involved!

Register to vote:
Nearly 80 percent of Texas AFT members voted in the last election. This means that we have real power to make a difference, and we have the momentum to build a pro-public school majority in the Texas House of Representatives. We encourage everyone to check their voter registration status and make any necessary changes before the next election. Learn more by visiting

Make a political contribution:
Electing candidates that support our values is necessary if we are to stand up for our public schools. No member dues money is used to support candidates, but members may make a voluntary
financial contribution to our Committee on Political Education (COPE). COPE is our political fund that helps us elect and build a “pro-public school” majority. Learn more and make a contribution
by visiting www.texasaft.org/COPE.

Volunteer and help us win:
We cannot win in any election without volunteers. Making a commitment to our union’s political work will help us win on the issues affecting our families and public schools. Making phone calls, knocking on doors, and encouraging our co-workers to vote get results. Texas is a big state, and we need help to reach out and mobilize our communities to vote. We cannot afford to sit back and watch this next election pass us by. Now is our opportunity to do the hard work and elect “pro-public school” candidates. Sign up to become a Texas AFT political volunteer by visiting

Join the conversation:
We invite you to share your views and opinions on the issues most important to you in this election. Join our new private Facebook group, “School House Votes.” Tell your co-workers and visit