Respect Us or Expect Us

Texas public school employees deserve elected leaders who respect the difficult, crucial work they do every day. This year, you have the chance to choose your bosses on the school board and your representatives at the Texas Capitol.

The last day to register to vote in the March 1 primary elections is Jan. 31. Check your voter registration now so you can make sure your voice is heard at the ballot box.

We Educate. We Advocate. We Vote. Public education is on the ballot in every election. And in this election year, we must elect candidates who will fight for the rights and needs of the people who have worked to keep our schools running through these difficult times.

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This election is about our students — not party politics. Learn more about Texas AFT-endorsed, pro-public school candidates on the ballot.

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Donate Today

Help us build our political power by making a voluntary donation. Your member dues are not used for political contributions.

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To win this November and create a pro-public education Texas, we’ll need everyone’s help. Get involved and stay engaged in this election.

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Join the Conversation

Join our online conversation on the big issues at stake in this election. School House Votes is a private Facebook group.

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