Educators from across the state use spring break day to urge continued investment in public education; vaccine phone banks reach out to school employees

School employees from more than a dozen local unions, as well as members from across the Associate Membership Program, participated in the Texas AFT Day of Action last Monday with car caravans, park rallies, webinars, and vaccine phone banks. Because of the need for safety in the pandemic, the day replaced our usual “Lobby Day” of in-person rallies and visits with legislators.

Our message to Texas Legislators was to stop needless money-wasting pursuits such as STAAR, while instead ensuring our investments in public education from 2019 are maintained and the billions of dollars in federal stimulus money go directly to our schools. You can see some of the media and social media from the events on our website.

Hundreds of Texas AFT staffers and members also joined online phone banks to call school employees across the state to ensure they have been scheduled for vaccine appointments and to assist them if they hadn’t. A first step in locating vaccine appointments is searching