Mike Morath insults educators with test comment: Time to elect #txed supporters

Education Commissioner Mike Morath put his foot in his mouth this week speaking to a group of business leaders in Dallas when he tried to justify the continuation of STAAR testing during the pandemic.

“Teaching without some form of testing is just talking,” Mike Morath told his corporate backers.

Just talking? Educators spend their evenings, weekends, and holidays writing lesson plans. They pour their hearts and souls into this profession. But without high-stakes testing, Morath thinks we’re just chit-chatting. He diminishes our profession while he pushes an agenda of privatized schools, teacher pay tied to student performance, and constant, unending testing.

We need to elect a Legislature that will hold Morath accountable. Will you chip in $5 to help us?*

Educators are putting lives on the line every day for our kids, but to Morath, we’re “just talking.”

help us hold Mike Morath accountable for his extreme agenda. A $5 donation can help us elect a pro-public education majority in November*.

* Texas AFT under state law is not allowed to use member dues money for political contributions to candidates. So, voluntary contributions from members to the Committee On Political Education (COPE) are the only means to provide direct financial support to candidates. Additionally, Texas AFT can only solicit from its members and their immediate family members for contributions to COPE. If you are unsure about eligibility to donate, give us a call at 512-448-0130, and we will help you figure it out!

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