Nurse Trudy Hilty represents Texas AFT on Sen. Zaffirini’s panel, “Back to School? Your Questions, Answered!”

Nurse Trudy Hilty, vice president of Nurses for HFT, was invited to serve on a panel discussion hosted by state Sen. Judith Zaffirini. Nurse Hilty was joined by an associate commissioner from the Texas Education Agency, a superintendent, counselor, and teacher, along with hundreds of viewers. Among the many questions she addressed, Nurse Hilty discussed where children could feel safe to remove their masks (nowhere!), where the highest-risk areas are in a school, and the importance of immunizations once a vaccine is developed and available. We thank Nurse Hilty for representing Texas AFT so well and for clearly demonstrating the importance of having a school nurse on every campus—now, more than ever. This webinar is eligible for 1 hour of CPE credit for educators. Watch here on Facebook.

Senator Zaffirini has held a continuing series of Zoom events on various topics called, “Back to School? Your Questions, Answered!” We encourage you to “like” Senator Zaffirini’s Facebook page to hear about the continuing series and to watch past events.