Our state has done its damage with the most recent legislative session: no new funding for public schools, no improvements to our working conditions, and no extra support for our students’ health and well-being.

Instead, our state leaders are chasing private school vouchers that will defund our neighborhood schools.

It is imperative that we have a local line of defense that puts our public school district first. With a brand new superintendent being hired in Cy-Fair ISD, along with four school board seats up for grabs, our community has a big opportunity to shape the future of our district.

Our kids and our community deserve thriving public schools. And we know we can #ThriveTogether by connecting with our community, communicating our shared vision, canvassing for our endorsed candidates, and fighting for those who fight for our schools.

The Stakes of This Election

Our public schools, our students, our teachers, and all school employees are under attack. While you have no doubt seen the attempts to privatize our schools by people like Gov. Greg Abbott or Sen. Ted Cruz, the worst attacks are being made right here in Cy-Fair ISD. If we don’t act now, those who attack us will serve on your school board!

Read the letter from Texas AFT President Zeph Capo in English y Español.

Election Information

Make Your Plan to Vote. Early voting: October 23 through November 3. Election Day: November 7.

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD has crucial school board elections this fall. You can find all the information you need to cast your ballot on the Harris County elections website.

Endorsed Cy-Fair ISD Candidates

Cy-Fair AFT’s elected executive board arrived at four candidate endorsements after asking Cy-Fair ISD employees and our members what qualities were most important to them in school board trustees.

Position 1

Tonia Jaeggi

Why Cy-Fair AFT Endorses: Our members told us it was important to elect a community leader who is already heavily involved in Cy-Fair ISD. Tonia Jaeggi was designated a global volunteer for CFISD and has more volunteer hours than anyone with over 5,000 hours!

Position 2

Julie Hinaman

Why Cy-Fair AFT Endorses: 56% of Cy-Fair AFT members said the top priority for our school board members should be an increase in salaries and a morale boost to reduce employee turnover. Incumbent Julie Hinaman worked hard for pay raises after listening to our members.

Position 3

Leslie Martone

Why Cy-Fair AFT Endorses: The majority of Cy-Fair AFT members told us they want school board trustees who will work hard to be consensus builders on any team. Leslie Martone is the current president of the Cy-Fair Chamber of Commerce, a mom of two CFISD graduates, and a CFISD graduate herself.

Position 4

Frances Ramirez Romero

Why Cy-Fair AFT Endorses: Over 75% of Cy-Fair ISD employees we surveyed said the best reason for someone to run for school board is that they want to serve as a leader in CFISD. (Bonus points if they’ve worked in public education before!) Frances Ramirez Romero is a former classroom teacher and the mom of two CFISD students.

Turn Out the Vote with Cy-Fair AFT

Cy-Fair AFT School Board Canvass

Each Saturday leading up to Election Day, Cy-Fair AFT needs your help to get-out-the-vote with fellow educators, union members, and school employees. If you’ve never canvassed before, don’t worry! We will support you the whole way.

Cy-Fair AFT School Board Textbanks

During our virtual textbanks, we will need your help to text-out-the-vote with fellow educators, union members, and school employees. Sign up for Thursday shifts online and download the free app Impactive to text voters in our community.

Cy-Fair A-F-T leaders, seated and smiling, with fellow union members at the Texas A-F-T 2023 convention.

Join Cy-Fair AFT: Our union believes every Cy-Fair ISD student, employee, and family deserve to thrive — with safe, well-funded, and fully staffed schools. If you work in the district and want to join our fight to #ThriveTogether, consider joining our union today.

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