El Paso and Socorro School Board Elections

Text says, "We educate. We advocate. We vote."

Our union is building our power at the national, state, and local levels. To do that, we need to elect pro-public education, community-driven allies to our local school boards.

Below, you’ll find educator-endorsed candidates for both El Paso ISD and Socorro ISD school board races, as well as election information.

Our union’s endorsements and election efforts are funded by our political action fund. Member dues are never used for political activity. If you want to help make sure we elect pro-public education candidates to school boards and to the state Legislature, please consider making a voluntary contribution to our political fund.

Election Information

You can find your school board district, along with your voting precinct, on the El Paso County Elections Department website.

Election Day: Saturday, May 1

Endorsed El Paso ISD Candidates

Each of these candidates for the El Paso ISD Board of Trustees has been endorsed by the El Paso Federation of Teachers and Support Personnel, which represents all non-administrative El Paso ISD employees.

A portrait of Leah with her husband and four of her daughters

Leah Hanany

EPISD District 1

Leah Hanany was born and raised in El Paso and is now the mother of five daughters, all attending El Paso ISD schools. Leah is a career and technology teacher who has several goals if elected to the board, including: bridging the recessions created in the last year, securing an open and equitable funding structure, and hiring a superintendent with direct curriculum and instructional experience.

Photo of Joshua Acevedo, wearing a suit and smiling.

Joshua Acevedo

EPISD District 3

Joshua Acevedo was born and raised in El Paso and has served on the El Paso ISD board since 2019. Joshua is proud that district employees have received winter and end-of-year stipends, as well as a pay raise, since his first campaign. He looks forward to continuing the work to restore transparency and accountability to the district.

Photo of Betty Halliburton

Betty Ann Halliburton

EPISD District 4

Betty Ann Halliburton is a retired child care director.

Photo of Vanessa Betts in a parking lot, wearing a "Simeon Wolverines" face mask.

Vanessa Betts

EPISD District 5

Cordia “Vanessa” Betts is a children’s book author and former educator who decided to enter this race because of a lack of transparency from the district, as well as district leaders’ lack of compassion and ability to allow students, families, and employees to thrive. Among Vanessa’s priorities are ensuring that educators have a living and growing wage.

Endorsed Socorro ISD Candidates

Each of these candidates for the Socorro ISD Board of Trustees has been endorsed by Socorro AFT, which represents all non-administrative Socorro ISD employees.

A school board report card from Socorro A-F-T shows that every current school board member has earned an A rating, voting in favor of no increases in cost of health insurance, COVID-19 F-F-C-R-A extnesion, T-TESS waiver, remote learning waiver, employee raises, and one thousand dollar stipends. The four up for re-election follow this graphic on the webpage.
Socorro AFT’s report card for current school board members.
Photo of Cindy Najera at a microphone

Cindy Najera

SISD District 2

Cindy Najera is the president of the Socorro ISD Board of Trustees and has served on the board for 10 years. Outside of her work on the board, Cindy is a volunteer coordinator for Americas High School and Horizon Heights Elementary, as well as a member of Kiwanis International.

Portrait of Anjelica Rodriguez

Anjelica Rodriguez

SISD District 3

Anjelica Rodriguez currently represents District 3 on the board. She is the director of Special Education for El Paso ISD. As an educator, she taught special education in Socorro ISD and later served as an educational diagnostician with the district.

Portrait of Paul Guerra

Paul Guerra

SISD District 4

Paul Guerra has served on the Board of Trustees since 2010. His wife is a Socorro ISD teacher, and his three children attend school in the district. In addition to his role on the board, Paul has served on the Planning and Zoning Committee for the City of Socorro, the Socorro Foundation Board of Directors, and the Parks and Recreation Board for the City of Socorro. He has also been on the Socorro ISD Teacher of the Year selection committee.

Portrait of Gary Gandara

Gary Gandara

SISD District 5

Gary Gandara is the incumbent for District 5 trustee. A graduate of Socorro High School, he is a small business owner of a metals recycling company, Prime Metals Inc. Gary has served in multiple public service capacities in the community, including as a Socorro city representative and as a board member of the El Paso Central Appraisal District.

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