Election 2020 Results

Election 2020 is an election like no other. The complications and challenges of COVID-19 have bled over to the ballot box. With the increase in absentee voting during this pandemic and record-breaking turnout, here’s the bottom line: We may not know the final election results for Texas or for the United States for several days after the election.

Given the rhetoric — much of it from the president — in this election year, it is crucial that we share information judiciously and avoid spreading misinformation. For definitive election results, we’ve gathered the following trusted sources for you.

Keep the following in mind:

  • If one person or one outlet is claiming victory, wait until other sources corroborate it before believing/sharing.
  • It’s normal for ballots to be counted after Election Day and for final tallies to be days or weeks later. Don’t believe anyone who says that’s illegal, unconstitutional, or wrong.
  • This election isn’t finished until every vote is counted.


For election results nationwide, it’s safest to wait for confirmation from established, legitimate news sources, like these:


Finalized state totals will be available from the Texas Secretary of State.


Each Texas county has its own election board or department, which will display local results. We’ve compiled links to the larger counties, but if you Google search for your county + “elections,” you should end up in the right place.