Top news of the week: Updates on school finance and educator pay and a dangerous bill emerges on pay for test scores; plus changes ahead for STAAR?


‘Nothing is off the table’ in next step for school finance bill
Updates on school finance and school employee pay negotiations at the Capitol, and why you should be asking about raises locally.





Problems with Dallas ISD’s turnaround model and a dangerous bill up for a hearing in a Texas House committee
Tomorrow the House Public Education Committee will hear a Senate bill (SB 1412) that seeks to expand the Dallas ISD programs of pay for test scores. Here’s why that bill is dangerous for our schools.


School finance plan now in the hands of a conference committee
News that explains the process for deciding on school finance and school employee pay, and how a proposal for a sales tax hike ended up on its deathbed. Plus, the “Best of the Rest”: Betsy DeVos says teachers should protest on “adult time”; The feds examine special education programs in Texas; Lawmaker calls vaccines “sorcery”; and U.S. House looks to cut charter school funding.




Changes to STAAR test in Senate plan have yet to be debated fully
Advocates objecting to problems with STAAR are upset after the Senate seems to expand testing without public comment; hurried changes to the test could have unintended consequences; but one reporter pushes back on the idea that it’s actually more testing.




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