We heard you, and now the rest of Texas has too. It’s time for respect!

A collection of news headlines highlighting teacher burnout

Teachers and school employees like you have told us about the ever-increasing workloads and stagnant salaries you have endured for more than a decade — not to mention all the ill-conceived policies from the Legislature that have not met the needs of students or employees.

The past two years of the pandemic have taken severe problems and made them worse.

In a November survey, 66% of you told us you’ve considered leaving the profession. We want you to know we heard you, and we’re going to make sure all Texans — especially our elected officials — get the message too.

Respecting School Employees

Higher Wages. Reduced Workloads. Safe Working Conditions.

An anchor man and anchor woman on the set of a TV news station in San Antonio. Text: Crisis in the Classroom

Last week we shared what you’ve told us in a press event for some 40 reporters — an event that garnered news stories across the state about the real crisis in our schools, including:

We’re changing the conversation in Texas and talking about the real issues that matter.

Major candidates are talking about respect for educators. When you go to the polls this week and next week, think about who on your ballot is talking about respect for educators, fully funding teacher salaries, and getting rid of high-stakes standardized testing. You can find our endorsements here. 

Add your voice to our call for respect!

On our website you’ll find a video of four teachers who shared their experiences and made the case for the respect they deserve at the news conference. We’ll be using this webpage for updates to our campaign for wages that reflect our worth, workloads that don’t require us to sacrifice time with our families, and safe working conditions for all school employees.

Then add your voice to the call for respect by recording a short video online! (no apps or downloads required)

Woman teacher speaking at zoom meeting
Purple slide with text: Educators we heard you. And now the rest of texas has too

Watch our videos on educators speaking out and asking for respect.