Governor’s roundtables on gun violence: Who will be included?

Gov. Greg Abbott announced a series of at least three “roundtable” discussions, starting┬átoday to gather input on possible solutions for halting gun violence in schools, after the shootings last week at Santa Fe High school that killed 10 people. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been official word released on exactly who will participate, and to our knowledge at this writing, neither Texas AFT nor any other teacher organization has been invited. The Houston Chronicle did note this: “Abbott’s roundtable discussion on school safety begins Tuesday with a 23-member cadre mostly of government officials and leaders in law enforcement, plus five school district superintendents, a high school principal and an architect. The meeting is largely closed to the public. Attendees on other days are expected to include victims from Santa Fe and Sutherland Springs, as well as gun rights activists and people involved in education.”

Apparently, media only will be allowed coverage after the meeting is over, likely for a summary of the event. The governor also has not responded to calls from elected officials and candidates asking for a special session to consider legislation to address gun violence. We’ll keep you posted on the proceeding this week in upcoming Hotlines.

Meanwhile, students continue to be active on the issue, and 41 student activists took out a full-page ad in the Houston Chronicle asking Abbott to take immediate action on “common sense” gun control and ending with, “We are dying on your watch. What will you do about it?”