Get it done! TRS retirees need health-care cost relief NOW

Send your letter now!

The Texas House and Texas Senate both have passed competing bills providing $212 million to cut rising health-care costs they recently imposed on retired school employees. The House passed HB 20 and the Senate passed an equivalent provision as  part of SB 19 in direct response to grass-roots pressure from retired and active school employees. However, with just a week to go in the current special session, these bills need to be reconciled so retirees actually get the help they deserve instead of just a show of good intentions that come to nothing. 

Pls send your e-letter now to your state representative and state senator with a blunt message: Get it done!

Retired teachers and other school employees got the job done all their lives for the schoolchildren of Texas. It’s the Legislature’s job to get it done now for these dedicated public servants. Send your letter now!