Curriculum for Mexican-American studies discussed; Black History Month lessons and activities provided

State Board discusses setting curriculum for Mexican-American studies:  An impressive array of scholars in testimony Tuesday asked the State Board of Education to set curriculum standards for a course in Mexican-American studies. In the past several years proposed textbooks for such a class have failed to pass muster with the State Board, and the lack of established curriculum guidelines has inhibited development of texts and associated course materials. The scholars who testified today offered to help the Texas Education Agency staff develop the needed curriculum. At a further SBOE meeting later this week, we will see if the State Board and TEA are ready to take them up on the offer. One question debated inconclusively today among Board members was whether the course should be broadened to cover all Latino populations in Texas.

Black History Month lessons and activities provided:  Black History Month begins February 1. Resources for appropriate lesson planning can be found in Share My Lesson’s curated Black History Month collection.​ You’ll find lessons and activities for key events, cultural moments, and individuals whose accomplishments continue to influence us today. Here’s the link:​.