Deadline Nears for Governor to Accept Federal Education-Jobs Aid: Do It Already!

School boards, school administrators, rank-and-file education employees, and educator organizations across Texas continue to call on Gov. Rick Perry to accept $830 million earmarked for Texas school districts by the recently enacted federal emergency-aid bill to save education jobs. As a September 9 deadline for requesting the funds from the U.S. Department of Education approaches, more and more voices are joining the chorus, including this week the president of the Texas Association of School Boards, whose letter to Perry made clear what is at stake: “Texas school districts need the additional federal funds available under the jobs bill to fill vacancies and preserve jobs.” Please join the effort to get the governor to act; just click here for a  “No Excuses, Governor” letter you can e-mail directly from the site. You also can call the governor’s toll-free line and leave a message–that’s 1-800-843-5789.