Defend Your Pension: Offer This Resolution at Your Party’s April 21 County/District Convention

A political attack on pensions for school employees and other public servants in Texas already has begun, and this coming Saturday you can do something about it. Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, you can attend your party’s county or senatorial-district convention and offer the resolution shown below in defense of your pension benefits. The resolution has been developed for your use by Texas AFT along with other public-employee union representatives of the Texas AFL-CIO.

Resolution to Preserve Texas Public Employee Pension Systems
Whereas, professional firefighters, police officers, municipal employees, state government employees, and teachers serve our cities and state,

Whereas, the attacks on teachers, firefighters, nurses and other dedicated public employees in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Indiana are coming to Texas,

Whereas, some business interests want to end traditional pension systems as we know them and convert them to riskier 401(k)-style accounts that would benefit the financial industry, not workers,

Whereas, the majority of Texas public employees, including the vast majority of teachers and other school employees, work for employers that do not participate in Social Security, so that these public employees must depend instead on state and local pension funds to which these employees contribute a substantial portion of their pay,

NOW, THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Texas _____________ Party adamantly opposes efforts to weaken or dismantle state and/or local pension systems.

Respectfully submitted,


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