Job-Killing Potential of Budget Bill Tallied, County by County

The Center for Public Policy Priorities, an Austin-based research outfit that looks out for middle-income and low-income Texans, has tallied the job losses that would result if the legislature enacted the cuts-only budget that was introduced last month. The county-by-county distribution of these losses brings home the scale of the damage that would be done.

Here are the estimated losses of jobs for selected counties that would result from the cuts in funding for public education embodied in the base budget bill (in each the first number shows the school jobs that would be lost, the second shows the total public and associated private-sector job losses that would result):

–Bexar County:  3,667 school positions, 8,793 total jobs lost;
–Dallas County:  7,707 school positions, 18,484 total jobs lost;
–Harris County:  12,885 school positions, 30,902 total jobs lost;
–Travis County:  4,750 school positions, 11,392 total jobs lost.

You can check the numbers for your own county at