October Issue of Texas Teacher–News, Views, Tools You Can Use

The latest issue (http://docs.texasaft.org/publications/TTOct10.pdf) of Texas AFT’s main quarterly publication features a full menu of politics and policy news. In the October Texas Teacher you’ll find a report on the issues that divide the main candidates for governor and lieutenant governor. You’ll also see links to a lot more information on key election races in the November 2 election. Included in that documentation are Texas AFT voting records for the state House and Senate and for the 2009-2010 session of the U.S. Congress.

On the policy side, you can read commentaries from Texas AFT President Linda Bridges and Texas AFT’s new secretary-treasurer, Louis Malfaro. Also in the October Texas Teacher are reports on legal victories recently scored by Texas AFT members and local affiliates on two key enforcement issues of importance to educators: (a) requiring school districts to follow the new truth-in-grading law that forbids minimum grades; and (b) blocking an attempted evasion of the 2009 state law boosting teacher pay.

Rounding out the October issue are good-news-you-seldom-hear-about stories on: the community partnerships and collaborations for school improvement involving AFT affiliates, such as the Alliance-AFT in Dallas; the emergence of yet another strong new Texas AFT affiliate in the greater Houston area (in the Cypress-Fairbanks school district); and the good deeds of a Texas AFT member who was honored as a national Everyday Hero Finalist this year for his remarkable efforts to help at-risk students.