Pre-Filed Bills on Counselors, Tests, School Breakfasts

Rep. Eddie Lucio III, Democrat of San Benito, has pre-filed some noteworthy legislation concerning the role of counselors. His HB 280 would restrict to no more than 10 percent the amount of a counselor’s time that could be spent on duties other than counseling and guidance. The bill specifies that time spent administering student assessments would not count as counseling or guidance.

Rep. Lucio’s HB 282 would increase funding earmarked for the employment of counselors by school districts and would steer that funding toward districts that have the highest percentage of students at risk of dropping out of school.

HB 290 by Rep. Phil King, Republican of Weatherford, would authorize school districts to replace state-mandated achievement tests with locally approved alternative exams.

HB 296 by Rep. Eddie Rodriguez, Democrat of Austin, would require a free breakfast to be provided for all students at a campus where 80 percent or more are eligible for a free or reduced-price breakfast.