Rally Saturday, March 24, to Save Texas Schools!

The folks who called the shots last session when state lawmakers cut deeply into funding for Texas schoolchildren are already back it again. (See the March 20 Hotline for details.) If they get their way, the 2013 session will bring not restoration of the $5.4 billion cut last year but rather even more cuts.

We must not let them get away with it. We have to make our voices heard. That’s why Texas AFT members from across the state will rally to “Save Texas Schools” at the state capitol, along with fellow educators, parents, and other concerned citizens.  If you need more motivation, consider this message from Allen Weeks, lead organizer of the rally:

“Dear Friends,

“Please put the Save Texas Schools March and Rally on your calendar for March 24 and spread the word. These cuts have been devastating to our schools (and to health care, including women’s health). Where does it end, with another deficit staring us in the face next January because of fiscal mismanagement by our legislature?

“It ends here and now! Let’s round up every progressive voice, every mom, dad and grandparent, to say we will not have private schools for some and leftover schools for the others. Our future depends on giving all kids in this generation the tools they need to succeed.

“Did you know that, while Texas is giving lip service to having every kid ready for college, we have not added any space at the higher ed institutions in the last 10 years? That we were actually going to close 4 community colleges, and very well might do that in the next session? It tells me that this present majority is not interested in helping all kids get to college. In fact, the only place that we are expanding room in is in our prisons.

“Grab 10 friends and head to the Capitol on March 24th! March is at 11 a.m. (12th and Trinity), rally from noon to 2. Great line up of speakers. Let’s surpass the thousands who came out last year! See savetxschools.org for more info.

“The momentum is changing! Let’s push leading into the primaries.

“See you on the 24th!”