Senate’s “Mandate Relief” Bill Delayed—More Time to Tell Your Senator to Vote “NO”

SB 12, the Senate bill to give school districts “mandate relief” at teachers’ expense, will not come up for a vote before next Tuesday. The bill was eligible for floor action today, but Senate offices reported to Texas AFT a rising volume of calls from educators opposed to the bill, and no action occurred.

Thanks are due to all who took the time to call today; more calls are needed tomorrow! Remember, you can call your senator’s office on Texas AFT’s toll-free line to the state capitol:  1-888-836-8368. Just tell the operator your senator’s name and ask to be put through. Your message can be very simple: Vote no on SB 12. If you have time, you can make these points:

–SB 12 doesn’t “protect the classroom” as advertised. It does the opposite. It focuses budget cuts on the classroom teacher, through salary reductions, unpaid furloughs, and layoffs.
–SB 12 “solves” the structural deficit in state school funding on the backs of classroom teachers, letting districts cut teacher pay and lay off teachers for the indefinite future.
–SB 12 makes permanent, adverse changes in teachers’ contract safeguards for no good reason, allowing last-minute notice of non-renewal and inviting districts to target veteran teachers for layoffs.