Send a message–restore state funding for our students and their schools    

Monday, March 19, is the solitary day designated by the Texas Commission on Public School Finance to hear public testimony on the funding needs of our students and their schools and how those needs ought to be addressed. The daytime hearing in Austin in a school day obviously does not give many of you much opportunity to be heard. But the commission has provided a website where you can submit your comments. Need we say more? Send a letter to the commission now! 
In 2017 the Texas Senate blocked legislation that would have begun restoring a significant amount of the state funding Texas schoolchildren need to succeed. The state has yet to make up for a decade of education funding stagnation and outright cuts that have undermined educational opportunity and achievement.
Now a special Texas Commission on Public School Finance is meeting and receiving public comments on what’s needed to fix our inadequate and outdated system of school funding. The commission’s recommendations, due by the end of this year, will set the stage for action on school finance when the state Legislature meets again next January.
Unless the state puts more funding into public education, the pressure will continue to cut corners, depriving students of needed services and eroding pay, benefits, and key educational safeguards like planning and preparation periods.
Let the commission members know that substantially increasing state funding for public schools belongs at the top of their list of recommendations to the Legislature.