State Board of Education developing Long-Range Plan via community meetings, survey

The State Board of Education is developing a new Long-Range Plan for Public Education through an 18-member steering committee made up of board members, stakeholder group representatives, and individuals from three state agencies. (This is not to be confused with the 13-member commission on school finance created by the Legislature in the special session last summer—concerning which we’ll have a report for you soon.)

To determine what the specific goals of the long-range plan should be, the board currently is collecting comments via community meetings around four broad topics:

–educator preparation, recruitment, and retention;
–equity and access to funding, technology, and advanced courses;
–student engagement and empowerment to provide effective support systems for students and prepare them for life after high school;
–family engagement and empowerment to help parents become strong advocates for their children in the education system.

The board also will soon release an online survey. We’ll give you a heads-up when it comes out. Meanwhile, the following regional meetings are planned over the next two months:

Advance registration for the community meetings is encouraged but not required.

A summary of comments received at each community meeting is being prepared. The first document, a summary of comments received at the Nov. 2 El Paso meeting, is available online here.