Texas AFT Symposium on Teacher Effectiveness and Appraisal

Good teaching is widely recognized as the most significant school-based determinant of student learning success. That simple fact is at the heart of a national debate about the best ways to evaluate and improve teaching quality. As a contribution to that conversation, Texas AFT is holding a symposium tomorrow in Austin for legislators and educational stakeholders on the issue of teacher effectiveness and how to develop and evaluate it. Tomorrow’s symposium will feature nationally recognized experts on teacher development and evaluation, including:

–AFT President Randi Weingarten, who has helped pioneer collaborative experiments with teacher development and evaluation in scores of districts nationwide;

–Brian Gill, associate director of Mathematica Policy Research, who will speak on the potential and the limits of the use of value-added methodologies to measure teachers’ effectiveness;

–Charlotte Danielson, an expert on the design of evaluation systems to improve teaching; and

–Lauren Resnick, head of the Institute for Learning at the University of Pittsburgh, who will discuss what state policy-makers can do, in light of the current evidence, to advance the cause of improving teacher development and evaluation.