TRS board poised to make decision that could have a significant effect on your pension

Texas AFT will bring in retirees from around the state to Austin Thursday for a news conference at the TRS building to highlight how the state needs to step up and increase its share of contributions to provide cost-of-living increases and help to lower health-care costs.

Amplify their voices to the TRS board by sending board members a letter letting them know the state needs to honor its promise to retired educators for pension and health-care plans that provide a dignified living!

The TRS board on Friday will make a crucial decision on the adjusting its “assumed long-term average rate of return for investments” that could have a critical impact on the prospect for cost-of-living increases for pensions. Tell the Board to get it right, and to educate lawmakers–who have the ultimate authority to increase state contributions for pensions and health care–on the need to take care of our educator retirees!

We’ll report back on Thursday’s news conference and the TRS Board action Friday, but send your letter now!