Voucher Bill Up for a Senate Vote—Write Your Letter in Opposition Now

One week ago Sen. Larry Taylor (R-Friendswood) suddenly inserted a special-education voucher plan into HB 21, the important bill by Rep. Dan Huberty (R-Houston) that would significantly increase school funding. Now Taylor’s Senate substitute for HB 21 could be voted on tomorrow, May 19, by the full Senate and sent back to the House as a take-it-or-leave-it bad deal. Before it returns to the House, senators need to strip HB 21 of this “poison pill” voucher subsidy sending public funds to private schools without accountability. If senators won’t kill it, the House must. Please send your letter immediately to your senator and representative at the state capitol in opposition to the HB 21 voucher ploy. (See below.)

Not only does the Senate substitute insert a “poison pill” into HB 21 in the form of a voucher targeting students with disabilities, it also deletes a vitally needed increase of $210 per pupil in formula funding for school districts.

Key points in the case against Senate Committee Substitute HB 21 are:  CSHB 21 provides no additional state funding for our Texas public schools. CSHB 21 is a voucher bill that would drain state funds away from Texas public schools. Parents and special-education students would give up their federal protections under an “education savings account” voucher. There is no accountability for the quality of private educational services procured through an “education savings account” voucher under CSHB 21. And CSHB 21 would leave private providers free to discriminate in admissions and even to        receive subsidies for educational products promoting particular religious beliefs.

This voucher bill must be stopped! Click on this link to send your letter now: