Your 13th check just deposited—But we’re not done fighting for you!

Houston area union leaders and state Rep. Jon Rosenthal (top row, second from left) hold a press conference to celebrate the 13th check and call for a permanent COLA.

This week eligible retirees finally received their long-awaited supplemental pension capped at $2,000 from TRS. Our members’ advocacy was instrumental in passing the bill authorizing the payment. 

We know an extra pension check will make a huge impact on household finances for many of our retireesBut we also understand a one-time bonus is not a long-term fix. We want to make sure that retirees currently struggling to make ends meet don’t have to wait another several years for a temporary bump. This is why retirees around the state are holding press conferences to send a message to our state legislators: retired school employees need a permanent cost of living adjustment. 

The San Antonio Alliance held a news conference yesterday, and another news conference was held this morning for several Houston-area locals—Cy Fair AFT, Northeast Houston AFT, Aldine AFT and Fort Bend AFT.  Expect another press conference on Friday, September 20, outside of TRS headquarters in Austin. At these events, we’ll be hearing from retired school employees who need lasting changes to their TRS pensions, as well as lawmakers committed to making that happen. 

We know that our retirees are thankful for this 13th check—but we also know this has to be seen as the first step toward ensuring financial security for all retirees on TRS pensions. We hope that you’ll join us as we start the fight for you to receive a permanent COLA with legislation in the 2021 legislative session. 

Questions about your check? See the TRS FAQ. 


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